In the field

In the field (slang)

Type: noun, phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /in-d-feeld/

Also known or spelled as: In-the-Field

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What does In the field mean?

To be in the streets.

In the field Synonyms: Out here, Outchea

Example sentence: “My guys used to be in the field.”

In the field in songs:

In the field shit, niggas really used to drill shit” – Lil Tjay, F.N.

“Make sure he right in the field, not a soldier dead” – Raekwon, Gorgeous.

‘Cause we in the field with them birds like we play for the Eagles” – Meek Mill, R.I.C.O..

“I feel for you, I’ve been in the field for you” – Kendrick Lamar, FEEL.

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In the field
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In the field

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