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On mamas

On mamas (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /on-mam-azz/

Also known or spelled as: Onmamas, On-mamas, That’s on mamas, Put it on mamas

Related: Foenem, On foe nem, That’s on my mama, On mommas, On my mama, On citas

What does On mamas mean?

A phrase said when swearing the truth on what is said.

Example sentence:On mamas i’m the smartest in the room.”

On mamas in songs:

“You fucking with a thot, nigga That’s on mamas” – Huddy, T.H.O.T..

“If you heard it in a song, bitch, I ain’t lyin’ If I put it on mamas, bitch, I ain’t lyin'” – YG, I Ain’t Lyin.

“Wizzy, what the tweak be? On mamas that KK got me sleepy” – Wizzy, I’m Feelin’.

“I been goin’ through so much, I swear these people at my throat That’s on me, that’s on mamas” – Lecrae, Set Me Free.

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On mamas
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On mamas