Oldies (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /old-e’s/

Singular: Oldie

What does Oldies mean?

Old songs that still sound good.

Oldies Synonyms: Throwbacks, Classics

Example sentence: “Me and grandma were bumping all the oldies.”

Oldies in songs:

“My uncle Bobby had them bodies, he wore the mac, Ain’t talking oldies when its singin’ that 40 clap” – Jay Rock, Money Trees Deuce.

“I move low-key, I think like a double OG, Inside of an old school bumpin’ oldies” – Kendrick Lamar, Mr. Carter.

“Bumpin’ oldies as I try to dick her down” – Rich Brian, Cold.

“Switches hitting, steady dipping, banging oldies’ – Curren$y, E.T..

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