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Shank (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /shaank/

Related: Shanked, Shankin’, Shanking

What does Shank mean?

1. To stab.

Shank Synonyms: Slice, Poke

2. A homemade knife.

Shank Synonyms: Blade, Skeng

Example sentence: “It got violent and he had to shank.”

Shank in songs:

Gold metallic knife, I can shankya out west” – Young Thug, OUT WEST.

“Young Money in the cut like a shank, though”- Nicki Minaj, BIG BANK.

“I got niggas down the road for a flock, they’ll shank you” 21 Savage, 4L.

“Spank ya, shank ya whole style when I gank” – Hussein Fatal, HitEm Up.

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