Hitting (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /hit-in/

Also spelled or known as: Hittin

Related: Hit, Hitting that, Hitting it

What does Hitting mean?

1. To be really impressive, good or “hitting the spot”.

2. To be having sexual intercourse.

Hitting Synonyms: Hooking up, Smashing, Beating, Piping, Knocking boots, Clapping cheeks, Fucking

Example sentence: “He found out I was hitting his sister.”

Hitting in songs:

“All my diamonds dancing like they Swayze All my diamonds hitting like they Swae Lee” – The Weeknd, Snowchild.

Hitting it on a jet, this ain’t no red eye Got you chasing dreams, and it ain’t even bedtime” – Meek Mill, You Stay.

“We, as including I, and yourself, making three Little ones, the drums are hitting pretty hard if you ask me” – Tyler, The Creator, She.

“You ain’t into hitting pussy or hitting a switch You into hitting bitches off with a grip, you punk bitch” – Kurupt, Xxplosive.

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