Oldie but goodie

Oldie but goodie (phrase)

Type: adjective, slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /old-e-but-good-e/

Also spelled or known as: Oldie-but-goodie

What does Oldie but goodie mean?

A phrase used to describe something that is old but still high quality, timeless or classic.

Oldie but goodie Synonyms: Classic, Timeless

Example sentence: “When i first heard the song i knew it would be an oldie but goodie.”

Oldie but goodie in songs:

I’m bout gettin money for all races, Only oldie but goodie I know is small faces” – Joe Budden, Give Me Reason.

“Playing them oldie but goodie classics, them honeys had fat asses” – Ghostface Killah, Big Girl.

I’m hot, go call the fireman, that’s a oldie but goodie” – Yelawolf, Matador.

“The gun is rust brown, it’s a oldie, but goodie” – Roc Marciano, Nine Spray.

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Oldie but goodie
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Oldie but goodie

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