Delish (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /de-lish/

What does Delish mean?


Example sentence: “That lasagna you made last night was delish babe.”

Delish in songs:

“Hotter than a motherfucker in here, And I just had a burrito, that shit was fire, Super delish, talkin’ my shit” – Michael Christmas, Everything Burrito.

“Mount Fuji wrist, yeah, too much drip, yeah, Too delish‘, I made both ’em kiss” – Nessly, New Tradition.

“Got up in the game cause I was tired of the bleachers, Get rich, repeat it, taste it, I’m delish‘” – Big Sean, Keep it Gee.

“We squidiculous, My squid’s squid delish, Let me kick my shit” – T3, Squidiculous.

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