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Clapped (slang)

Type: adjective, verb, slang

Pronunciation: /kla-appd/

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What does Clapped mean?

1. To be ugly or unattractive.

Clapped synonyms: Haggard, Popped

2. To get shot or killed.

Clapped synonyms: Popped, Bodied

Example sentence: “His ex girl face is clapped, i don’t want her.”

Clapped in songs:

“Every time a nigga rap beef, get clapped up in a couple weeks” – Lil Durk, Chiraq.

Straps out, make the wrong move, get clapped out” – 21 Savage, My Choppa Hate Niggas.

Hoes’ll get you sidetracked, then clapped from close feet” – JAY-Z, Can I Live.

“Turn your back on me, get clapped and lose your legs” – 50 Cent, Many Men (Wish Death).

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