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Banged (slang)

Type: verb, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /bangd/

Related: Bang, Banger, Banging, Bangin’, Gangbang

What does Banged mean?

1. To have had sexual intercourse.

Banged Synonyms: Smashed, Piped, Hit, Fucked

2. To have gangbanged or have partaken in violence.

3. To have sounded really great or “hard”.

Banged Synonyms: Bopped

4. To get beat up and/or robbed.

Banged Synonyms: Beat, Finessed

Example sentence: “That new record banged so hard in the whip.”

Banged in songs:

Fuck niggas get banged on, scary ass, they run and tell” – YoungBoy Never Broke Again, In Control.

“Them killers rock with me, lilnigga, don’t get banged ‘Cause they’ll do that job for me while I hop on a plane” – Polo G, Pop Out Again.

“No goons that were never in gangs, Where I’m from, chat shit get banged” – Stormzy, Take Me Back To London (Remix).

“Leave her in the bed, legs tremblin’ Gettin’ banged on for your Pendletons” – Dom Kennedy, Double Up.

“Niggas banged on me but they should’ve shot me See, I hit the corner then spot him, got him” – ScHoolboy Q, WHat THey Want.

“It’s a lot of animosity, but they won’t say my name Them killers rock with me, lilnigga, don’t get banged” – Polo G, Pop Out.

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