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Laying pipe

Laying pipe (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /lay-in-pipe/

Also spelled or known as: Layin’ pipe, Laying-pipe

Related: Lay pipe, Laid pipe, Pipe, Laying wood, Layin’ wood

What does Laying pipe mean?

To be having sexual intercourse.

Laying pipe Synonyms: Hooking up, Smashing, Beating, Piping, Knocking boots, Clapping cheeks, Fucking, Beating it up

Example sentence: “As soon as i get home, i’m laying pipe babe.”

Laying pipe in songs:

“You damn right, I smoke a blunt with her and thirty minutes (Yup) Later I’m in a king size laying pipe” – Young Dolph, Sky High.

Laying pipe with long jevity, always I’ll be in it man And once I reach my conclusion, that ain’t the end” – Z-Ro, Hey Lil Mama.

I’m too slick, I got more snags than a bullwhip Laying pipe like a plumber, burn like a summer” – Tarik, Who’s the Mic Wrecka.

“It’s alright, stay the night, I continue laying pipe Then we wake up in the morning and keep askin’ bout our lives” – DRAM, Eyeyieyie.

Lil mamma say she like me plus she know I’m hood I’m a fool with laying pipe, and she know I’m good” – Blood Raw, Keep It Gangsta.

I’m on the way to you right right now Four in the morning, I’m laying pipe down” – BLEU, Nympho.

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Laying pipe
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Laying pipe

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