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Smashing (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /smash-in/

Also spelled or known as: Smashin

Related: Smash, Smashed

What does Smashing mean?

1. To be having sexual intercourse.

Smashing Synonyms: Hooking up, Fucking, Beating, Piping, Knocking boots, Clapping cheeks, Hitting, Banging, Hitting it, Hitting it raw

2. To be speeding off.

Example sentence: “If you keep playing i’m smashing your girl.”

Smashing in songs:

Smashing your hoe on the low and she callin’ me dad” – Offset, Brown Paper Bag.

“The police behind me, you know that I’m smashing” – DaBaby, Next Song.

Smashing all the models, now we hit the waitress” – Future, Change Locations.

“Cops, they arrive, start smashing” – Offset, Red Room.

“I had them falling right out of my pocket When I was just smashing her, she seen the bands” – Future, 31 DAYS.

“All they wanna talk about is partying and fashion Every single night I have a dream that I am smashingem all” – Drake, Every Girl.

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