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Hooking up

Hooking up (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /hook-in-up/

Also spelled: Hookin’ up

Related: Hook up, Hooked up

What does Hooking up mean?

1. To be making out or having sexual intercourse.

2. To be giving someone a good deal or something for free.

Hooking up Synonyms: Piping, Smashing, Hitting, Fucking

Example sentence: “My roommate walked in on me and my girlfriend hooking up.

Hooking up in songs:

Bape hooking up with Ambush, that’s sick” – Childish Gambino, I Love Clothes.

“And she thinks I’m hooking up with every groupie down to fuck me” – G-Eazy, Make-Up Sex.

Yeah, your pussy do bang, got no problem hooking up” – J. Cole, Split You Up.

I’m just listenin’ to you tell me, Mark I only want you and then the next weekend you were hooking up with some dude?” – Witt Lowry, You.

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Hooking up
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Hooking up