Layin’ pipe

Layin’ pipe (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /lay-in-pipe/

Also spelled or known as: Laying pipe, Laying-pipe

Related: Lay pipe, Laid pipe, Pipe

What does Layin’ pipe mean?

To be having sexual intercourse.

Laying pipe Synonyms: Hooking up, Smashing, Beating, Piping, Knocking boots, Clapping cheeks, Fucking, Beating it up

Example sentence: “Every morning i be layin’ pipe on my girl.”

Layin’ pipe in songs:

Rollinup sleeves like a sink, spread the cabinet, layin’ pipe underneath” – Kevin Gates, Excuse Me.

I’m up all night – playawhatchagonnabedoin? Up in somebody’s daughter layin’ pipe” – E-40, L.I.Q..

“I ain’t buy—, I’m just layin’ pipe on these mothafuckas, man You dig, my nig’?” – Juicy J, I CAN’T STOP.

“She ain’t gay but she playin’ dyke I’m no plumb’ but I’m layin’ pipe” – Problem, I’m Feelin’.

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Layin' pipe
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Layin' pipe