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Basedgod (nickname)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /based-gawd/

Also spelled or known as: Based god, The Based God

What does Basedgod mean?

Lil B’s nickname.

Other Lil B Nicknames: The Based god, Young Based god

Lil B’s real name: Brandon McCartney

Example sentence:Lil B also goes by Basedgod.”

Basedgod in songs:

“Got my Vans on but they look like sneakers Flipped a couple packs, Basedgod in the speakers Bass all in the speakers” – A$AP Rocky, Potato Salad.

“Let my facial hair grow, on hiatus to the five star That’s where my bitch be living, she Basedgod in the kitchen” – Robb Bank$, Refined.

Bitch, I’m Basedgod, I should write you a fuckinhit, Joey Leave your fuckinhead holey, the clip got the rubber grip” – Lil B, T-Shirts & Buddens.

“Should’ve known you were a woo, like Basedgod in Wonton But I didn’t, and I ain’t even tripping” – Joey Bada$$, Pennyroyal.

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