Yams (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /yahms/

What does Yams mean?

1. A big butt.

Yams Synonyms: Cake, Badonkadonk

2. A$AP Yams nickname; Yams is short for A$AP Yams.

A$AP Yam’s nickname: Yamborghini

A$AP Yam’s real name: Steven Rodriguez

Example sentence: “Her best friend got a lot of yams.”

Yams in songs:

“She got yams, she got cakes’ – E-40, Bad Bitch.

Yams got a bottle of Henny, going straight to the face” – A$AP Ferg, Shabba.

“VLONE thugs, Yams forever” – Skepta, No Security.

Bronson told me not to eat ham, rest in peace Yams” – A$AP Rocky, Back Home.

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