Meal ticket

Meal ticket (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /meal-tik-eht/

What does Meal ticket mean?

1. A wealthy man who spoils his young attractive lover.

2. A quick way of making money.

Meal ticket Synonyms: Sugar daddy

Example sentence:I’m tryna be a Meal ticket when i’m older.”

Meal ticket in songs:

I’m a country-ass Beverly Hillbilly, Eat it up, bitch, I’m a meal ticket” – Gucci Mane, Real Rich.

“They invited me, but shit I got a meal ticket” – Meek Mill, 100 Summers.

“It’s hell, plus all the dealers want a meal ticket” – 2Pac, Heavy in the Game.

Instagram thotties looking for a meal ticket” – Chris King, Back of My Mind.

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Meal ticket
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Meal ticket