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Duck sick

Duck sick (slang)

Type: verb, phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /duck-sik/

Also spelled: Duck-sick

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What does Duck sick mean?

1. A way of saying suck dick.

2. Dick sucked.

Example sentence:Yo hater, duck sick.”

Duck sick in songs:

“Biting me quick, will mean you get the duck sick quick” – MC Eiht, Def Wish.

“Runnin’ chicks home in plush whips, get a duck sick Let it be known we got a song that don’t quit” – Tracey Lee, The Theme (It’s Party Time).

“You lookin’ at the Black Warren Buffett So all critics can duck sick” – Jay-Z, Threat.

“Niggas be getting the duck sick fuckin’ with the player, sprayer” – Spice 1, The Murda Show.

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Duck sick
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Duck sick

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