Dripping (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /drip-in/

Also spelled: Drippin

Related: Drip, Dripped

What does Dripping mean?

To be wearing an expensive outfit.

Dripping Synonyms: Stunting, Flexing, Swagging

Example sentence: “My boy you’re dripping in that fit.”

Dripping in songs:

“Expensive taste, my clothes foreign, I be dripping like a fountain” – Polo G, Through da Storm.

“All of my diamonds gone buss out the meter I’m dripping water nigga, Aquafina” – Roddy Ricch, Every Season.

“My nigga you know we invented it dripping in St. Louis, I’m a lunatic” – Takeoff, Handsome and Wealthy.

Jiffy, Lube, where the bricks, where they at? dripping, ooze, the Patek all wet” – Offset, Narcos.

Shawty say she like my style, I be dripping with ease” – Lil Skies, Red Roses.

“I took the top off, I’m dripping like hot sauce” – Gunna, Top off.

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