Mob (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /mawb/

Related: The Mob, Mob ties, Mobster, Mobbin’, Mobbed

What does Mob mean?

1. A big group of people.

Mob Synonyms: Gang, Squad, Homies, Bros

2. The mafia or a criminal organization.

Example sentence: “My homie knows guys connected to the mob.”

Mob in songs:

“You in the mob soon as you rock the chain” – Travis Scott, BUTTERFLY EFFECT.

“Money ain’t the thing, baby, welcome to the mob” – Rick Ross, Diced Pineapples.

Mob ties, so I’m always good where I’m at” – Drake, Money in the Grave.

“I’ve got a mob like A$AP Rocky, I set trends, dem man copy” – Stormzy, Shut Up.

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