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Apple Bottoms

Apple Bottoms (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /app-ull-bot-umms/

Also spelled or known as: Apple Bottom

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What does Apple Bottoms mean?

A fashion and jean brand for women.

Apple Bottoms Synonyms: Apple Bottom Jeans

Example sentence: “I just bought my girl some apple bottoms now she’s happy.”

Apple Bottoms in songs:

Apple bottoms up top she got a perfect pair All the stares in the world couldn’t scuff my pair” – Stogie T, Honey and Pain.

“At your bottom in apple bottoms, your waist was shaped like a pear” – Chamillionaire, Grown and Sexy.

“Body from Ki Toy Johnson and Kenya Moore in Apple Bottoms Maya Angelou’s brain and some groove from Terry McMillan” – Nas, The Makings of a Perfect Bitch.

“She was whippin’ for new Apple Bottoms and Dereon Mama said, “Don’t sell no crack on the telephone”” – Freddie Gibbs, PYS.

“That pair of Apple Bottoms and that donka that she put in that I got a bottle full of Captain and Jack and I’m ready to get it” – Irv Da Phenom, Hunterish.

“Splish, splash, Apple Bottoms make that ass fat She got that wet wet, got me blowin’ through this whole bag” – 6ix9ine, MAMA.

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Apple Bottoms
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Apple Bottoms

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