No Cap

No Cap (slang)

Type: expression, phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /no-cap/

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What does No Cap mean?

No lie. No kidding.

No Cap Synonyms: No Kizzy, Deadass, My Word, Fr, FrFr, Foreal, Word

Coined by: Young Thug & Future

Example sentence: “He said he met Jay-Z at Barnes and Nobles, no cap.”

No Cap in songs:

“Three hundred racks inside it, and that ain’t no cap” – Lil Baby, Leaked.

No cap, that’s a roundhouse kick to a Jameson’s neck” – Chance the Rapper, Eternal.

“Since I came in the game, been a real one, And ain’t shit changed, bitch, I’m still one, Uh, all facts, no cap” – Cardi B, Thotiana (Cardi B Remix).

“Heart cold as a bitch, no cap, yeah” – YoungBoy Never Broke Again, No Mentions.

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No Cap
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No Cap

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