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Baklava (nickname)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /ba-lah-vah/

Related: Bak

What does Baklava mean?

Action Bronson’s nickname.

Other Action Bronson Nicknames: Bak, Bronsolino, Mr Wonderful, Baklava, Mr Baklava, Young Baklava

Action Bronson‘s real name: Arian Asllani

Example sentence: “Action Bronson also goes by Baklava.”

Baklava in songs:

Baklava, bestseller (True) How we celebrate? Went to 125 and bought a red leather” – Action Bronson, White Bronco

“My whole team out for dead presidents like Bokeem It’s young baklava, you know me, yeah” – Action Bronson, Latin Grammys

“Uh, Baklava never salty Yo bitch, get the fuck up off me” – Action Bronson, Estaciones

“It’s Baklava (Yah, yah) Sweet as broken dates” – Action Bronson, Golden Eye

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