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GIF (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym, slang

Pronunciation: /g-i-f/ or /ghif/

Also spelled: G.I.F., G-I-F

What does GIF mean and stand for?

Graphic Interchange Format; a short moving picture.

Similar to GIF: PNG, JPEG, PDF, JPG

Example sentence: I saw the GIF of him dancing.”

GIF in songs:

“I got a stash I never go in and shit, same emotionless kids Stoic as if I’m just a motionless GIF“- Joe Budden, Uncle Joe.

“It’s me again, all I be is win, never if If you see a lens, it’s probably CNN or a gif” – Chris Rivers, Rolling 110 Deep.

“Pissed ’cause you picked me apart but don’t ever pick me up Ain’t no gif or emoji depict how much I don’t give a fuck It really go” – WESTSIDE BOOGIE, Lolsmh (Interlude).

“On that shit, take a whiff Move in silence like a .gif” – Childish Gambino, Fuck Your Blog.

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