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Inked up

Inked up (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /inked-up/

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What does Inked up mean?

To have a lot of tattoos.

Inked up Synonyms: Inked, Tatted, Tatted up

Example sentence: “We came out of the tattoo shop inked up.”

Inked up in songs:

“Same color skin, I’m just inked up like a pen When I pull up you gonna catch shots just like a rim” – Montana of 300, Computers (Freestyle).

“I be his hood girl, I put that grind in him So inked up I can write my rhymes with ’em” – Teyana Taylor, Bad Boy.

Bad gyal, so she love a man with tattoos From my neck, to my feet, manna’ inked up” – Skepta, Love Me Not.

“Body inked up, keep starin’ she fucked Remove her panties with my teeth pussy eat up” – Kevin Gates, Careful.

“If you’re talkin’ ’bout money, we can link up Bad red boned bitch, body inked up” – Juicy J, One of Those Nights.

Drunk and driving, twisty, how he inked up in the swimming pool?” – Earl Sweatshirt, Elimination Chamber.

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Inked up
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Inked up