Inked (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /inkd/

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What does Inked mean?

To be tattooed.

Inked Synonyms: Tatted

Example sentence: “My ex girl was inked everywhere.”

Inked in songs:

So I leveled up and got Guevara inked on my chest And I’m from Trinidad, my fam are big and bad” – AJ Tracey, Little More Love.

Bad gyal, so she love a man with tattoos From my neck, to my feet, manna’ inked up” – Skepta, Love Me Not.

“Cops pull me over right now they gon’ lock me up ‘Cause I got all this smoke on me And I’m so mothafuckin’ inked” – Chief Keef, Whitney.

Drunk and driving, twisty, how he inked up in the swimming pool?” – Earl Sweatshirt, Elimination Chamber.

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