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IG (slang) Type: noun, acronym Pronunciation: /i-g/ Related: The gram, Insta, IG Model What does IG mean? Instagram. IG is short for Instagram. IG Synonyms: The gram, Insta Example sentence: “I just followed DailyRapFacts on IG.” IG in songs: “Y’all be talkin’ crazy under them IG pictures” – Jay-Z, Bam. “Why you watching me? You […]

IG model

IG model (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /ig-mod-ool/ Also spelled or known as: IG-model, IGmodel Related: IG What does IG model mean? Someone who claims to be a model, but has no agency and doesn’t do any modeling. IG model Synonyms: Instagram model Example sentence: “My ex-girlfriend was an IG model.” IG model in songs: […]


Ight (slang) Type: adjective, adverb, expression Pronunciation: /igh-t/ Also spelled: Aight, A’ight What does Ight mean? Alright. Ight Synonyms: Aight, Bet, Fosho, Foshizzle, Okay Example sentence: “Ight, I’ll catch you later’.” Ight in songs: “Ight, look look, park right there.” – J. Cole, Forbidden Fruit. “Ight man, Imma see you” – Tyler the Creator, 2Seater. […]