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Influence (slang) Type: noun, verb, slang Pronunciation: /in-flu-ens/ What does Influence mean? 1. The effect you have on people. Influence synonyms: Impact 2. To sway people to agree with you, do what you want or to copy you. Example sentence: “Kanye West had a big influence on me growing up.” Influence in songs: “Times that […]


Influencer Type: noun Pronunciation: /in-flu-ens-er/ Related: Influence Plural: Influencers What does Influencer mean? Someone with a big following that influences others. Influencer Synonyms: Celebrity, A-lister, Expert Example sentence: “My favorite influencer on IG has 400k followers.” Influencer in songs: “Came up in this bitch tongue out without a front tooth, Now who they say is number one […]