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Ish (slang) Type: noun, expression, interjection Pronunciation: /e-sh/ What does Ish mean? Shit. Ish is slang for Shit. Example sentence: “That’s some good ish.” Ish in songs: “I’m on my ish, call it’ – Childish Gambino, You See Me. “Trip when I rip it up, I be the ish when I split ’em up” – […]


Issa (slang) Type: contraction, slang Pronunciation: /is-ah/ What does Issa mean? It’s a. Coined by: 21 Savage Example sentence: “Did you ask what im eating? Issa turkey club.” Issa in songs: “Issa Kylie, might be Jenner, hol’ up” – 21 Savage, Issa. “See the chain? Yeah, issa lake, yeah” – Arizona Zervas, ROXANNE. “Issa lotta […]