In the zone

In the zone (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /in-the-zone/

Also spelled or known as: In-the-zone

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What does In the zone mean?

To be very focused.

In the zone Synonyms: Locked in

Example sentence: “We were all in the zone last night.”

In the zone in songs:

“That’s top of the toppa, I never fuck with beginners I let him play with my pussy then lick it off of his fingers I’m in the zone” – Nicki Minaj, High School.

Yeah, it’s happenin’, ’cause I’ve been livin’ in a world on my own Leave me alone, I’m in the zone” – Logic, 44 More.

“When I’m at the podium, at your throat, holy camoly I’m in the zone with the shit I’m on” – Eminem, Gnat.

Bitch, I’m in the zone, stand alone, like Macaulay Culk I’ve been runnin’ blocks since a snotty tot” – Domo Genesis, Oldie.

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In the zone
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In the zone

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