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Locked in

Locked in (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /locked-in/

Also spelled or known as: Locked-in, Lockedin

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What does Locked in mean?

1. To be extremely focused.

2. To have someone’s number saved on your phone.

Locked in Synonyms: Dialed in, Zoned in, In the zone, Tapped in

Example sentence: “After vacay, I’m gonna be very locked in.”

Locked in in songs:

“I’ve been locked in for so long, I done got dreads, uh Took the girl off the network then up the net, uh” – Travis Scott, HOUSTONFORNICATION.

“Why these niggas think they safe ‘Cause they locked in?” – Lil Durk, No Auto Durk.

“I pray to God I don’t have to step on nobody I know that they watchin’, to the streets, forever I’m locked in” – JayDaYoungan, 23 Island.

“Wife wake up and I’m kill’t over spilt milk locked in, looking at your picture” – MF DOOM, Kookies.

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Locked in
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Locked in

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