Drill (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dri-ill/

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What does Drill mean?

1. A subgenre of Hip-Hop/Rap that displays violence and crimes over trap-like beats.  (noun)

2. To shoot. (verb)

Drill Synonyms: Bust, Blam, Blaze, Dump, Bust a cap, Clapback

Example sentence: “We stay zooming bumping drill music.”

Drill Origin: The origins of drill goes back as early 2010, the sub-genre stems from the South Side of Chicago.

Drill in songs:

“I be on my Lil Mouse drill shit” – Drake, 0 to 100 / The Catch Up.

“My niggas, they ready to drill, yeah” – Playboi Carti, @ Meh.

“Got some wild hoes that’ll drill a bitch” – G Herbo, Kill Shit.

“All I know is drill, drill, drill on my Pac shit” – Lil Durk, 52 Bars Part 2.

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