Copper (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /cop-err/

Also spelled: Coppa

Plural: Coppas

Related: Cop, Coppers

What does Copper mean?

A cop, police, or law enforcer.

Copper Synonyms: Popo, Undie, Fed, Pig, 12, 5-0, Jakes, Alphabet boys, Coppa, Gavvers

Example sentence: “He has copper vibes.”

Copper in songs:

Sister, brother, son, daughter, father; mother-fuck a copper” – Lil Wayne, A Milli.

“I think the copper saw me, but I ain’t chain-link-hoppin’ ‘Cause I ain’t see no shit” – Lil Darkie, GENOCIDE.

“I called another bopper, I beat it like a copper” – Lil Wayne, Yuck!.

Copper all on my dash, and he ticket that lady optimist” – Noname, Amphetamine.

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