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Got busy

Got busy (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /goht-biz-e/

Also spelled or known as: Got-busy

Related: Getting busy, Gettin’ busy, Get busy

What does Got busy mean?

1. To have had sexual intercourse.

Got busy Synonyms: Laid pipe, Beat it Up, Fucked, Hit, Piped, Beat, Smashed, Banged

2. To have gotten violent.

Got busy Synonyms: Dumped

Example sentence: “She simply came over and we got busy.”

Got busy in songs:

Ride around with a stick or two One ofem dirty, it really got busy, it killed a few” – VV$ Ken, Tuh.

“A nigga try Yachty, we shootin’ up the city, Ask them other niggas how we got busy” – Lil Baby, MICKEY.

“Thought you told me you was on the way Tell you I got caught up, I got busy” – Lil Baby, For You.

“From the tip of my head to the crack of my ass She got busy so I called to the crew” – Too $hort, Punk Bitch.

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Got busy
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Got busy