Fupa (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /fu-pah/

Also known or spelled as: Foopa, Fupah

What does Fupa mean and stand for?

Fat Upper Pubic Area.

Example sentence: “My Spanish ting has a fupa now.”

Fupa in songs:

“If she ain’t working with a fupa Then I don’t want the chalupa” – ROBBIE TRIPP, BIG GIRL BANGER.

“She got a FUPA, I got fat pockets, bitch, we both heavy” – 1TakeJay, Irritated.

“She got a fupa, it don’t matter I’m still scooping her” – Krizz Kaliko, Pu Wah Wah.

“She break her waist like Dua Lipa I don’t mind if you got a little fupa‘ – NSG, Lupita.

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