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Dumped (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /dumpd/

Related: Dump, Dumping, Dumpin

What does Dumped mean?

 1. To have fired a lot of shots.

Dumped Synonyms: Busted

2. To have ended or had someone end a relationship.

Example sentence: “It does suck when you get dumped.”

Dumped in songs:

Bitch, I’m boppin’ on the scene with my Glock up on my hip I saw my opposition lackin’, so I dumped the whole clip” – NLE Choppa, Blocc is Hot.

“Got these rappers stressin’ out, they growin’ white hair I dumped that bitch, sold her a dream, I gave her nightmares” – NAV, Good for It.

“Niggas gassed on the really though, gas I pumped them Straight trash on the really, yo, yes, I dumped him Push the limits, I’m a pushy bitch, yes, I bumped him Pushed past being filthy rich, ask I trumped them” – Nicki Minaj, LLC.

Stunt, get jumped on, slashed or dumped on Same block you pump on is the spot you get slumped on” – 50 Cent, Pieces.

“My gun a Little Caesars, that bitch hot and ready I dumped my lilbitch, now that bitch hot and jealous” – BlocBoy JB, Shoot.

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