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Fo shizzle

Fo’ shizzle (slang)

Type: noun, expression, slang

Pronunciation: /foe-sho/

Also spelled or known as: Foshizzle, Fo-shizzle, Fo sho, Fo-sho, Fa’sho, Forsure, Fasho, Fo sho, Fa sho, Fosho

What does Fo’ shizzle mean?

For sure.

Fo’ shizzle Synonyms: Forsure, Fasho, Fosho, Fo sho, Foshizzle, Yup, Yeah, Yea, Yah, Ya

Example sentence: “We listening to Snoop Dogg fo’ shizzle.”

Fo’ shizzle in songs:

“We keep it gangsta Say “Fo’ shizzle“, “Fo’ sheezy” and stayin’ crunk It’s easy to pull a breezy, smoke trees and we stayin’ drunk” – Talib Kweli, Get By.

“Ah ah ah, I’m feeling myself Thizzle, fo’ shizzle, my nizzle, spitting riddles on instrumentals” – Zombie Juice, Palm Trees.

“You think real niggas feelin’ your shit? C’mon, son! I’m the illest and that’s fo’ shizzle” – Hopsin, Ill Mind of Hopsin 4.

“Money is an issue, and that’s on the fo’ shizzle, my nizzle Your block warm, and I come by with the fizzle” – Scarface, Guess Who’s Back.

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Fo shizzle
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Fo shizzle

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