Fa sho

Fa sho (slang)

Type: noun, expression, slang

Pronunciation: /foe-sho/

Also spelled or known as: Fo-sho, Fa’sho, Forsure, Fasho, Fo sho, Foshizzle

What does Fa sho mean?

For sure.

Fa sho Synonyms: Forsure, Fasho, Fo sho, Foshizzle, Yup, Yeah, Yea, Yah, Ya

Example sentence: “We gonna be rich fa sho..”

Fa sho in songs:

I’m talking OG kush from the West Coast Watch how you hit it, just one hit will burn your chest, though, fa sho” – Wiz Khalifa, Smokin’ On.

I’m so fa sho, it’s no façade “Stay outta trouble,” Mama said as Mama sighed” – Jay-Z, No Hook.

I’m the bastard that mastered the flow, I said it once before fa’ sho‘” – Logic, YSIV.

“I be smokin’ dope and you know Backwoods what I roll Remy Boyz, Fetty eatin’ shit up, that’s fa sho” – Fetty Wap, Trap Queen.

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Fa sho
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Fa sho

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