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Percocet (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /per-coe-set/

Plural: Percocets

Related: Perc, 30

What does Percocet mean?

A prescription drug used to treat pain.

Percocet Synonyms: 30, Perc, Banana, Button, Erc, Kicker

Example sentence: “The junkie was asking for a percocet.”

Percocet in songs:

“I got a Sprite, I’ma turn this shit pink I pop a percocet, pink like my drink” – Fenix Flexin, Musty.

“On a percocet now and I need me some more Tell me them lies that you want me to hear I try to forget, but it’s hard to forgive Take me some codeine and pop me a pill” – Future, Thought It Was a Drought.

“I be killing them bitches, I hope all dogs go to heaven And I got Xanax, Percocet, promethazine with codeine” – Lil Wayne, Rich As Fuck.

Birds in the trap sing Brian McKnight Percocet and codeine, please don’t take my life” – Quavo, ​pick up the phone.

“As an addict, I let Percocet and Xannies relax me Fall back if your paddies is Maxi, please” – Earl Sweatshirt, Oldie.

“I got pink toes that talk different languages, woo Got Promethazine in my blood and Percocet, yeah” – Future, Life Is Good.

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