Boi (slang) Type: noun, slang, expression Pronunciation: /boi/ Related: Boy What does Boi mean? Boy. Boi is a variant spelling of Boy. Boi Synonyms: Boy Example sentence: “Boi what the hell are you talking about?” Boi in songs: “I’m in that past season ‘Preme shit, older than Tity Boi” – Tyler the Creator, Rusty. “Never […]


Bruh (slang) Type: noun, slang, expression Pronunciation: /br-ugh/ Related: Bro What does Bruh mean? Bro. Bruh is a variant of bro; meaning brother. Bruh Synonyms: Bro, Broski, Brudda Example sentence: “Bruh….. what did you think was gonna happen bruh?” Bruh in songs: “Bruh, I’m at your head like Craig did Deebo” – Chance the Rapper, […]


Burr (ad-lib) Type: interjection, expression Pronunciation: /b-er/ Also spelled: Brr What does Burr mean? An expression used for being or something cold. Example sentence: “It’s colder than Minnesota right now, Burr.” Coined by: Gucci Mane more terms starting with “B”


C.R.E.A.M. (acronym) Type: slang, expression, acronym, phrase Pronunciation: /cream/ Also spelled: CREAM What does C.R.E.A.M. mean and stand for? Cash Rules Everything Around Me. Similar: M.O.B Coined by: Wu-Tang Clan Example sentence: “I need the money for my team, C.R.E.A.M.“ C.R.E.A.M. in songs: “Nope, all I see is that C.R.E.A.M nigga, that green” – J. […]


Ight (slang) Type: adjective, expression Pronunciation: /igh-t/ What does Ight mean? Alright. Synonyms: Bet, Fosho, Foshizzle, Okay Example sentence: “Ight, I’ll catch you later’.” Ight in songs: “Ight, look look, park right there.” – J. Cole, Forbidden Fruit. “Ight man, Imma see you” – Tyler the Creator, 2Seater. more terms starting with “I”


Ish (slang) Type: noun, expression, interjection Pronunciation: /e-sh/ What does Ish mean? Shit. Ish is slang for Shit. Example sentence: “That’s some good ish.” Ish in songs: “I’m on my ish, call it’ – Childish Gambino, You See Me. “Trip when I rip it up, I be the ish when I split ’em up” – […]


M.O.B (acronym) Type: slang, expression, acronym, phrase Pronunciation: /m-o-b/ Also spelled: MOB What does M.O.B mean and stand for? Money Over Bitches. Similar: C.R.E.A.M. Coined by: 2Pac Example sentence: “I would go see my girl this weekend, but i got a play to catch MOB.” M.O.B in songs: “I know these ho’s like a pimp […]


Mane (slang) Type: noun, slang, expression Pronunciation: /mah-ain/ What does Mane mean? Man. Mane is slang for man. Mane Synonyms: Man Example sentence: “Mane i’m mad hungry.” Mane in songs: “God talk to me in silence But I hear him every time, mane” – Big Sean, Bounce Back. “King of my city like Leon, mane” […]

No Cap

No Cap (slang) Type: expression, phrase Pronunciation: /no-cap/ Related: Cap, Capped, Capper, Cappin’ , No Cappin’ What does No Cap mean? No lie. Coined by: Young Thug & Future Example sentence: “He said he met Jay-Z at Barnes and Nobles, no cap.” No Cap in songs: “Three hundred racks inside it, and that ain’t no […]

That Part

That Part (slang) Type: phrase, expression Pronunciation: /that-per-t/ What does That Part mean? Agreeing with what someone said. Synonyms: Facts Example sentence: “This is some good good gas. That part.“ That Part in songs: “Me no conversate with the fake.. that part” – Schoolboy Q, THat Part. “Make sure my dawg don’t turn out to […]


TTG (acronym) Type: noun Pronunciation: /t-t-g/ What does TTG mean and stand for? Trained To Go. Example sentence: “Don’t mess with big man, he TTG.” TTG in songs: “My Westside niggas flex with me, they TTG, they trained to go” – A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Savage. “All my niggas TTG, we turn up, trained […]


Wassup (slang) Type: noun, slang, expression Pronunciation: /was-up/ What does Wassup mean? What’s up. Wassup is slang for Whatsup or What’s up. Wassup Synonyms: Whatsup, Waddup Example sentence: “Wassup with you bae.” Wassup in songs: “Say “Wassup?” to the Pope, pull off in a Porsche” – Mac Miller, Gees. “Pretty women, wassup? Is you here […]

Word is Bond

Word is Bond (slang) Pronunciation: /wurd-is-bon-d/ Also known as: My Word Is My Bond What does Word is Bond mean? To be bound by what you say and/or what you’re saying is true, correct or real. Word is Bond Synonyms: Facts, My Word, No Kizzy, Fr Example sentence: “I’mma be back to cop some gas, […]


YOLO (slang) Pronunciation: /Yo-low/ What does YOLO mean? You Only Live Once. Coined by: Drake Example sentence: “We’re going skydiving in California tomorrow because YOLO!” YOLO in songs: “You only live once: that’s the motto, nigga, YOLO” – Drake, The Motto. “Shoulda died, yelling YOLO was a lie” – Chance the rapper, Chain Smoker. more […]