Crentley (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /krent-lee/

What does Crentley mean?

A Chrysler 300 vehicle.

Example sentence: “Me and the gang riding around in a crentley.”

Crentley in songs:

“I just need a whole lot of, leave me alone Bending corners in the Crentley, dripping paint on the streets” – Z-Ro, Ride All Day.

“In a fo’ do’ Crentley slow, see the drop I’ll take your hoe Just like that I’ma beat the back, off the Lac till the frame crack” – Billy Cook, Kandy Blue.

Bitch I’ma keep on clocking cash Keeping the Khakis creased cruising quickly in the Crentley” – Z-Ro, Never Take Me Alive.

“Either in my Crentley or my Fleetwood, letting 83’s poke” – Z-Ro, The H.

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