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Went Diamond

Went Diamond (certification)

Type: verb, slang, music

Pronunciation: /went-die-mond/

Also known as: Diamond selling, Diamond status, Diamond album, Diamond single, Certified Diamond

What does Went Diamond mean?

To have achieved a milestone of 10 million units sold total.

Went Diamond Synonyms: Diamond, Diamond album, Diamond single

Other music certifications: Gold, Platinum

Example sentence: “Post Malone’s congratulations went diamond.”

Went Diamond in songs:

“Ten-year-old degenerate grabbin’ on my genitals! The last Mathers LP done went diamond” – Eminem, Rhyme or Reason.

“Got some things on the wrist, Cartier with the diamonds If this was 10 years ago nigga would’ve went diamond” – Drake, Know Bout Me.

“Cuban links change the climate, dick tall, she can climb it Sold so many damn bags, I could’ve went diamond” – 2 Chainz, Castro.

“Fifty K cash when I sneeze, I done went Diamond in the streets” – Lil Durk, When You Down.

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Went Diamond
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Went Diamond

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