Skeezer (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ski-zar/

Also spelled: Skeazer, Skezer, Skeeza, Skeezah

Related: Skeezy, Skeezo

What does Skeezer mean?

A dirty promiscuous woman.

Skeezer Synonyms: Thot, Skank, Sket, Bird, Hoe, Prostitute, Spreader, Slut, Whore, Bust down, Eater, Ho, Thottie, Sketel

Example sentence: “She gave me all the boys brain, she was a skeezer.”

Skeezer in songs:

“It’s money over bitches, no room for a skeezer” – A$AP Rocky, Out of This World.

Neck look like a freezer, ain’t savin’ no skeezer” – Lil Baby, Time.

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