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Breeshy (slang)

Type: noun, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /bree-shee/

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What does Breeshy mean?

1. To have a lot of money.

Breeshy Synonyms: Wavy, Breaded, Caked up, Caked

2. Money.

Breeshy Synonyms: Ciabatta, Breesh, Paper, Cheese, Guap, Bread, Guala, Cheddar, Racks, Cake, Benji, C-note, Funds, Feta, Figures, C-note, Commas, Shmoney, Lettuce

Example sentence: “Lately we’ve been getting breeshy.”

Breeshy in songs:

“Chasing this monеy Yeah I’m chasing just the breeshy Shit just ain’t easy Shе sucks me off, she sucks me neatly Chasing just, just the breeshy” – TG Bands, Millions Freestyle.

“Go sick for the breeshy She let me sit ’cause she treeshy” – Ciggy Blacc, Suicide.

“We trap out the vacant with gang a lot Call up Frost, he gon’ clear the block Call up Frost, tell him bring out the breeshy Niggas finna get treeshy” – Sheff G, Tonight.

“Get to the breeshy, get to the bands I bust a Woo Walk when I dance, look” – Quelly Woo, TP.

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