Wavy (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /way-vee/

Related: Wave

What does Wavy mean?

1. To be cool, have swag, or well dressed.

Wavy Synonyms: Good-looking, Jiggy

2. To be really high and drunk.

Coined by: Max B

Example sentence: “The way he dresses is so wavy.”

Wavy in songs:

“She think it’s wavy and gnarly” – Drake, Preach.

“I’m wavy, word to Shawty L-O, hello” – Nicki Minaj, LLC.

Gang too wavy, move like Navy Seals” – Travis Scott, CAN’T SAY.

“Big bag don’t mean everything wavy” – Lil Tjay, Brothers.

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