Treeshy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /treesh-e/

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What does Treeshy mean?

To be very promiscuous or slutty.

Treeshy Synonyms: Slutty, Skeezy

Example sentence: “My lil shorty is acting real treeshy.”

Treeshy in songs:

“Call up Frost, he gon’ clear the block Call up Frost, tell him bring out the breeshy Niggas finna get treeshy I got some hands that’s out on the receivin'” – Sheff G, Tonight.

“One dead in Neiman, scannin’, it’s readin’ Perchead, I’m geekin’, shit turn me to a demon Bad bitch named RiRi, nice, but treeshy She want me to breed her, I’m like, “Nah, bitch, you sneaky”” – Pop Smoke, Zoo York.

Ice in the VV’s, now she’s down to get treeshy” – CJ, Whoopty.

“I said fuck that trip to McKinley, we sit back feet out smoke Benji’ And all of these bitches be treeshy, we ain’t gon stop till they free YGzly” – DThang, Caution.

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