Breakbeats (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /brehk-beats/

Also spelled or known as: Break-beats, Break beats

Singular: Breakbeat

Related: Breaking, Breaks

What does Breakbeats mean?

Sections of songs that are simplified to just drums and percussions.

Breakbeats Synonyms: Breaks

Example sentence: “We danced all night to breakbeats.”

Breakbeats in songs:

“I rain acid, grate your crew to steak meat The stakes increase on breakbeats, your fleet fleets run” – Ras Kass, Remain Anonymous.

“You stumble through breakbeats but you’ll never fade me Scared straight ’cause you hate, when I motivate” – 2Pac, Scared Straight.

“Who you know worth 50 million, still rappin on breakbeats?” – Logic, YSIV.

Bread and butter, breakbeats to Bam Bam Jump off the jim before I jack my johnson” – Redman, Hardcore.

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