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Breakbeat (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /brehk-beat/

Also spelled or known as: Break-beat, Break beat

Plural: Breakbeats

Related: Breaking, Breaks

What does Breakbeat mean?

A drum beat in a pattern.

Breakbeat Synonyms: Breaks

Example sentence: “He added a loop to the breakbeat.”

Breakbeat in songs:

Break out the velour suit and the Stacey’s Give me a baseline and a breakbeat” – Macklemore, Levitate.

“With your waistline and the way you move Like a old breakbeat, I’ma catch a groove” – Q-Tip, For the Nasty.

MC’s is like livin’ in breakbeat hell You try to knock me off the ladder kid the fatter I swell” – EL-P, Definitive.

“Im just a little nigga on the mic with a breakbeat What have y’all lames done for me lately” – Jay Electronica, Retro Electro.

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