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Rappin’ (music)

Type: verb

Pronunciation: /rah-app-ing/

Also spelled: Rapping

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What does Rappin’ mean?

To be rhyming and flowing.

Rappin’ Synonyms: Rhymin’, Flowin’, Spittin

Example sentence: “Who’s is this rappin’? i like his flow.”

Rappin’ in songs:

“Bills can get paid off of rappin’, still I keep to trappin'” – Da$h, Fetti.

“See, they say I’m rappin’ like B.I.G., Jay, and 2Pac” – Lil Wayne, A Milli.

“I remember rappin’ for Jay and Cam, Young producer just trying to get his flows off” – Kanye West, 30 Hours.

Rappin’ out loud, with all the niggas that’s cool to you” – J. Cole, Cole Summer.

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