Fade (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /fay-aid/

What does Fade mean?

1. To fight.

Fade Synonyms: Catch a fade, Throw hands, Scrap, Square up, Box, Tussel

2. A haircut style that slowly becomes smaller top to bottom.

Fade Synonyms: Bald fade, Boosie fade

Example sentence: “He was pissed after we dissed him, he wanted to run his fade.”

Fade in songs:

“You bitches catchin’ a fade, shout out my nigga Lil Boosie” – Nicki Minaj, MotorSport.

“Let a nigga cover FADER ‘fore I have to fade a nigga at the FADER Fort” – JID, Down Bad.

“2018, hell naw, I ain’t gon fade you” – Slimmy B, Paramedic!.

“Hate a nigga, fade him quicker now” – Zombie Juice, Bounce.

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