Brawling (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /br-all-in/

Related: Brawl, Brawlin

What does Brawling mean?

To be fighting.

Brawling Synonyms: Banging out

Example sentence: “The group of teens were brawling after school.”

Brawling in songs:

“My niggas be on all of that, gun fights, fuck a brawling match” – Young Pappy, Homicide.

“You’re not brawling, pressure dem darling While you’re rising them keep falling” – Mr. Vegas, Heads High.

“In the booth, I’m brawling to be like the Pistons Only smoke flight, you can’t hit if you ain’t pitched in!” – Domo Genesis, Odd and Twisted.

“Evading the playa hating tricks while hitting switches Bitches is bad-mouth, ‘cause brawling motherfuckers is bold” – 2Pac, If I Die 2Nite.

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